National Education Summit welcomes LiteracyPlanet to Brisbane trade expo

Online education programs, which are increasingly prevalent and recognised as valuable tools to support traditional learning in the classroom, will be showcased within a free trade expo at the National Education Summit, from Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2019 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Gold Coast-based LiteracyPlanet will demonstrate their comprehensive literacy program for the first time at the Brisbane event and are looking forward to sharing some of the program’s latest updates which highlight the benefits of using technology in education.

“Technology can play a significant role in teaching literacy. The ability to save time and differentiate between students of different abilities easily is a huge benefit of using programs such as ours. LiteracyPlanet gives teachers the power to create elegant lesson plans and intervention programs, so they can spend less time planning and more time teaching,” LiteracyPlanet CEO Adam McArthur said.

Through their work with schools around Queensland, and steadily growing work nationally, LiteracyPlanet have seen firsthand the emerging challenges in teaching spelling and literacy.

“We are seeing many schools face challenges teaching students with a diverse range of literacy skills, which can be a difficult and time-consuming task for teachers to manage. Digital programs such as ours allow teachers to easily differentiate between their students, see their results and put in place remediation or intervention programs quickly and easily. This approach greatly benefits the student and saves the teacher a lot of time,” McArthur said.

LiteracyPlanet will participate within the Summit’s free trade expo, featuring 40+ leading businesses and organisations exhibiting the latest resources, services, products and technology.

A 2-day program of free seminars within the trade expo will cover a broad range of topics, including technology and wellbeing, phonographic instruction, flipped learning, inclusive classrooms and design thinking processes to name a few.

Delivered by experts in teaching and learning, the seminars will build knowledge and count towards PD hours. Choose the seminars you would like to attend when you register to visit the trade expo. Limited places are available.

The National Education Summit’s first Brisbane event will bring a comprehensive professional development program to local teachers, school leaders and principals on Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June 2019.

Academics and leading educators will present a range of concurrent sessions and workshop events across four conferences at the Summit: Special Needs Symposium, Digital Classroom Conference, Creativity and Innovation in Learning Conference, Capacity Building School Libraries Conference as well as the free seminar series.

National Education Summit, BRISBANE

Friday 31 May– Saturday 1 June 2019

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

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