Leading Pioneers in Education Solutions take to The Education Show

The very best in education and digital innovation will come together at The Education Show, from Friday 31 August – Saturday 1 September 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Taking place as a part of the National Education Summit, The Education Show is a FREE trade expo featuring 100+ leading businesses and organisations, all exhibiting the latest resources, services, products and technology on offer which are pushing boundaries and re-shaping the current education landscape.

“With recent studies reporting a growing need to balance technology in classrooms with improving basic literacy and numeracy skills, a large amount of exhibitors lined up for this year’s show are at the forefront of merging these two key spaces together,” said International Exhibition and Conference Group CEO, Marie Kinsella.

“These brilliant new solutions are revolutionising education methodology, bridging the gaping divide between digital competence, technological advancement, and literacy and numeracy skills in our children.”

Cengage Australia & New Zealand are helping to foster classrooms full of confident and successful learners by providing digital resources that will improve literacy and numeracy skills. Their innovative textbooks and learning technologies are brilliant at keeping students engaged and moving towards their goals.

One of the many exhibitors attending is Enhance TV, the digital-video platform making it easy to access curriculum-linked content—such as documentaries, films, news, etc.—that not only engages and excites students, but also aids teachers in improving overall learning outcomes. They will be joined by Skool Loop, who are streamlining communications in schools into a personalised smartphone apps.

Speld Victoria understands that navigating a journey with Dyslexia or other learning disabilities can be confronting and confusing, which is why their C-Pen ReaderPen is the perfect tool to assist students in reaching their full potential. The pen is a standalone, digital highlighter that can read printed text and speak it back to the user via a speaker.

The Australian-based, THRASS Institute, is a phonetics teaching-tool which makes developing reading and spelling skills simpler, faster and more sustainable than the conventional approaches. Their Specific Pedagogical Practise (SPP) strips back handwriting, reading and spelling back to its basics by explicitly teaching the basic building blocks of English orthography.

Formed in collaboration with the Australian Government, The Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) is a non-for-profit organisation providing digital resources for teaching STEM topics related to primary industries such as agriculture and farming.

Sentral Education is Australia’s leading school and student management solution. Their web-based software is in over 1,900 schools across Australia, and can seamlessly manage school administration, student data and much more.

Knowing how to tackle topics like consent, gender equality, respectful relationships and body safety in classrooms can be tricky. Educate 2 Empower Publishing are internationally renowned and award-winning, using beautifully illustrated children’s books and other digital resources to engage, educate and empower children and carers in these topics.

Designed by leading neuroscientists, Tali Health is a digital program used to improve learning and attention skills in children with learning challenges. Their breakthrough tablet-based software is one-of-a-kind, and has been scientifically proven to improve skills and academic outcomes.

To register for your FREE tickets head to www.theeducationshow.com.au (group bookings available)

Event Info:

What: The Education Show
As part of the National Education Summit
Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006
When: Friday 31 August – September 1, 2018

Free Tickets: www.theeducationshow.com.au