Innovation in Education : Re-thinking ,re-conceptualising and re-designing learning




As a major conference of the National Education Summit, the Learning and Teaching Symposium on 2 September 2017 brings together internationally and nationally recognised researchers and practitioners for a day focused on re-thinking, re-conceptualising and re-designing teaching and learning in today’s classrooms.

Dr Lyn Sharratt (Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at University of Toronto), Nicholas Hall, Jasmine Ryan and Lucy Keath (primary principals, Catholic Education Diocese of Sandhurst), Danielle Purdy (Senior Education Officer) and Dr Jared Cooney Horvath (PhD, MED – Cognitive Neuroscientist) will present keynote seminars that explore innovative thinking and improved ways of working to help educators to teach more students to higher levels of learning.

Thinking about thinking: Moving beyond collaboration

Dr Lyn Sharratt

9:15am – 10:45am

Discussing the foundational skills necessary for every learner to succeed, Dr Lyn Sharratt will present her latest research embracing the power of Collaborative Enquiry, moving it to a higher level of critical thinking through Knowledge Building Theory and Integrative Thinking.

Dr Sharratt will share insights using teacher and student voice, asking the powerful question: who is doing the most talking and the most thinking in our schools? She concludes her keynote address with thoughts about what it takes to be a dynamic leader in education today.

Engaging students and teachers in learning: Using collaboration and inquiry to improve school improvement

Nicholas Hall, Jasmine Ryan and Lucy Keath

11:20am – 12:20pm

Nicholas Hall, Jasmine Ryan and Lucy Keath will share how using a cycle of teacher inquiry and knowledge building at the schools they teach at led to improved student outcomes in reading.

Under the guidance of Professor Helen Timperley, the trio developed a professional learning program that focussed on collaboration and examination as drivers of improvement in literacy.

Solvable challenges: Creative approaches to engaging teachers, technology and innovative practices in the digital age of learning

Danielle Purdy

12:25pm – 1:25pm

Exploring some of the current challenges faced by teachers who use technology in their work, Danielle Purdy will focus on meaningful and actionable ways to move beyond identifying “champions” and progress to more human-centred design processes.

Ms Purdy will also discuss low-cost, scalable, sustainable, active professional learning tools which empower teachers and produce data to inform ongoing practice. Participants will receive access to a copy of the tools profiled.

Deep Learning: What is it and how do we obtain it?

Dr Jared Cooney Horvath

2:30pm – 4:00pm

In this session, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath will explore what deep learning means, what it requires and the issue of transferring knowledge from one subject to another.

He will examine the importance of ‘facts and information’ to comprehension and memory and the role of ‘thinking’ in concept formation as well as discussing why activating prior knowledge, re-framing ideas and personalising knowledge are integral to deep learning.

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